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Using Mawng language spatial terms in school
Cris Edmonds-Wathen

Última modificación: 2018-05-04


This study investigates children’s spatial terminology in Mawng and explores how Mawng spatial terms can be used in school mathematics lessons at Warruwi school in small community in northern Australia. Education in Indigenous languages in Australia has always been fitted into a model of bilingual education. Warruwi has changed from being bilingual to English only, but is now reintroducing Mawng. The project investigates whether using Mawng in mathematics lessons helps reinforce and maintain local ways of talking about space and location. It also provides an opportunity for teaching staff who speak Mawng to take on more responsibility for the content of the class teaching. Questions are raised about how the language structures of Mawng are related to the expression of space.

Palabras clave

Keywords: spatial language; spatial mathematics; Australian Indigenous language; language maintenance